Account Set Up


Setting Up Your Zoom Account

All SJSU students and faculty members have Zoom Pro accounts. Your account offers you the ability to host meetings with no time limit. You have a personal meeting “room” with a link and meeting ID that you can customize. You can make recordings in your meetings.

How do you access all of this? Get started by setting up your profile and basic meeting preferences.

1. Login at and click “Sign in.” (Do not go directly to Always use the SJSU-branded portal page for Zoom.)

Username: SJSU 9 digit ID

Password: SJSUOne Password (the same one you use to access Canvas)


2. In the left menu, select “Profile.” Add your profile picture. Note that you can select a number for the meeting ID of your personal room. You might select your phone number as your meeting ID. You can also customize the link for your personal room (e.g.,

3. Scroll down the page and edit the time zone if it is not correctly listed.

4. In the left menu, select “Settings.” The settings you select on this page will apply to all of the meetings you set up.

Recommended settings:

  • Host Video: disable
    You can still turn on your video in the meeting but this setting ensures your camera doesn’t come on automatically when you enter your meeting.
  • Participants: disable
    Participants can still turn on their cameras in your meetings, but this setting ensures their cameras do not come on automatically when they enter your meeting.
  • Audio Type: Telephone and Computer Audio
    This gives participants the option to use a telephone for audio if their computer audio doesn’t work.
  • Join before host: personal preference
    If you enable this, participants will be able to enter the meeting room before you (or another host) enter. If you do not enable this, participants who try to connect before the host will see a notification that they will be joined to the room when the host has entered.

5. Continue down the page and locate the “In Meeting (Basic)” settings.

Recommended settings:

  • Chat: enable
  • Private Chat: enable
  • Auto Saving Chats: enable

You can decide whether or not you want an audible alert each time someone joins or leaves the session. Regardless of your selection, you will always hear an alert when the first person joins the room.

6. Continuing with the In Meeting (Basic) settings:

Recommended settings:

  • File transfer: enable
  • Co-host: enable
  • Polling: enable

7. Continuing in the In Meeting (Basic) settings:

Recommended settings:

  • Always show meeting control bar: enable
  • Annotation: enable
  • Whiteboard: enable
  • Remote Control: enable
  • Nonverbal feedback: enable
    This option will display emoticons on the participant panel.

8. Continue down the page and locate the “In Meeting (Advanced)” settings.

Recommended settings:

  • Breakout Room: enable
  • Closed Caption: enable
  • Screen Sharing: enable

This concludes the process of setting up your profile and preferences for the meetings you hold in Zoom.