INFO 294 Learning Outcomes as Learning Expectations


Learning Expectations — INFO 294

In order to effectively shape your Learning Outcomes, you need to determine what level of learning should result from your internship. Learning at the “remembering” level is basic—essentially memorizing information. Most internship sites desire a more substantial contribution beyond this. A single outcome at the “remembering level” may be acceptable when combined with higher levels, but we will be very skeptical if all your outcomes remain this basic.

At the very least we expect outcomes at the “understanding” level or above. To really contribute at your internship site, you’ll probably need to know something well enough to apply it, so gearing your outcomes to the “application” level is a good focus for preparing your outcome statements. If you can reasonably get your Learning Outcomes to the three highest levels, then so much the better for you and your internship site. However, your Learning Outcomes do not all have to be at the same level. You might have two major high-level outcomes paired with one or two at a lower level.

Finally, please be aware that learning outcomes are NOT the same as E-portfolio competencies (INFO 289). While your internship experience may help you meet one or more competencies, using one of the competency statements (in whole or in part) for a learning outcome will not be accepted.

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