MARA 294 Fulfilling Course Requirements


Fulfilling Course Requirements — MARA 294

In addition to meeting the requirements of the internship position, students must submit some or all of the following during the semester as determined by the faculty supervisor:

  • Canvas discussion: You will be required to enroll in Canvas and participate in the online discussion of the internships.
  • Blog: This provides a weekly reflection on your work and readings for the week. It does not have to be long but does have to be informative.
  • Monthly Status Report: You will prepare a monthly record of activities and an analysis of what was learned, problems encountered, and questions generated. You are required to post your monthly status report in the Canvas course site.
  • Final Report: At the conclusion of the internship, you are required to submit a final report indicating how the Learning Outcomes established for the course were met. If for some reason the Learning Outcomes were only partially met, or not met at all, some discussion of what happened will be necessary.
  • Site Evaluation: The Student Evaluation of Site form allows you to provide feedback on the internship site’s effectiveness in hosting an iSchool intern and to recommend the site’s continuance or discontinuance as an internship site. This must be completed at the end of the semester.
  • Additional Requirements: You may also be asked to submit supplemental materials to the faculty supervisor such as written reports, bibliographies or reading lists, portfolios, or samples of professional work.

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