MARA 294 Eligibility and Deadlines


Eligibility and Deadlines — MARA 294


A MARA student must be in good academic standing (3.0 GPA or above and no outstanding incompletes) to participate in an internship. The student must have completed MARA 200, 204, and six advanced courses.

Students must work with the MARA internship faculty supervisor during the spring semester before their final year to determine if the internship experience is right for them. Students are expected to perform work consistently each week (as scheduled with the site) and build their work experience gradually over the semester. Students may not concentrate work hours in order to end an internship early or start an internship late.

All students should be covered by their own health insurance at all times during the internship experience. However, SJSU does provide professional liability coverage for student interns enrolled in MARA 294.


Students should find and confirm their internship placement during the fall semester immediately preceding the Internship course. The Professional Experience: Internship Student Application form must be submitted before the beginning of the course.

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