A number of databases are available to students and faculty. Faculty may require use of specific databases in some classes. In general, you will have access to a large number of databases through the King Library throughout your student career. For databases not available through the library, you will need the current iSchool Restricted Materials username and password to access some resources. This log-in will be provided by your instructor and is updated each semester. The password is for the use of faculty and students only and should not be shared with anyone outside the program.

Listed below is information about specialized services available to our students.

Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)

Students, faculty and staff have unlimited access to over 850 interactive lessons related to legal education. Lessons focus on legal topics but also include the following topics of interest to all LIS students:

Current students can use the iSchool Restricted Materials login to access further details.


ProQuest Dialog may be requested by instructors. Refer to ProQuest information below.


Faculty members who wish to have their students create LibGuides pages should contact Bob Lucore for information about accounts. LibGuides is part of a package that also includes LibWizard, LibAnswers, and LibCalendar. Faculty members can make these available to their students also.


To access NoveList, students must use the NoveList login. Get the NoveList login (you will need the current SJSU iSchool Restricted Materials login to access the page). 

After you have the NoveList login, use it to access either of the following databases:

NoveList K-8:,uid&profile=novpk8

NoveList Plus:,uid&profile=novplus

OCLC – First Search

First Search login page:

The FirstSearch databases that OCLC produces (WorldCat in particular) are available without restriction, but the third party content (H.W. Wilson for example) is not.

This database is available exclusively to current Cataloging instructors and students.


ProQuest databases are offered through King Library and there is also the Graduate Education Program directly through ProQuest with more extensive offerings. Instructors who wish to use these resources may make arrangements directly with ProQuest; refer to