Registering Your Site and Setting Up Your Internship


Registering Your Site And Setting Up Your Internship

  1. Register Your Institution and Yourself (You only need to do this once)

    Go to the iSchool Internship Sites – Institution Login Page to register your institution and yourself. See the Internship Site Supervisor Help page for instructions.
  2. Submit Your Internship Opportunity

    After you have registered -or if you have already registered- login and submit your internship opportunity listing.

    The internship will automatically go into in a pending state until you submit the University Organization Agreement -see steps three and four. It will be activated in our internship database once you have returned  to the University the  signed (with no changes) University Organization Agreement.

    You will be able to return to the iSchool internship database to make changes or updates to your listing for the duration of the University Organization Agreement. 

    If you need to make changes to the agreement (and cannot sign it “as is”) the agreement will be routed to our Contracts department.

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