Academic Notice and Disqualification


Academic Notice, Administrative Academic Probation, and Disqualification


All graduate students are required to maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher in order to remain in good standing and to graduate. The overall GPA is different from a semester GPA. The overall GPA is your cumulative GPA that you earn starting from the first semester as a graduate student at SJSU. It is the GPA that takes into account the GPA earned for all previous semesters. The semester GPA is your GPA that is calculated on a semester-by-semester basis.

Academic Notice and At-Risk

If a graduate student is currently in good standing, and at the end of a semester their overall GPA falls below 3.0, they will be placed on “Academic Notice.” A status of Academic Notice indicates that the student is not performing to minimum graduate GPA standards and is at risk of being disqualified from the university.

iSchool students will only be eligible to file a Candidacy petition, participate in a 294 internship, enroll in INFO/MARA 289, INFM 211, or work as a graduate student assistant, when the CUM GPA is at 3.0 or above.

Completion of all Degree or Credential Requirements While on Academic Notice: Enrollment in at least one letter-graded course is required of graduate students in each Fall and Spring term that they are on academic notice. Once on academic notice, graduate students are subject to disqualification if they fail to earn a SJSU term GPA of 3.0 or better each semester until a SJSU cumulative GPA of 3.0 is again established. See: S16-6E


We are committed to helping you develop a clear path to graduation and supporting your academic success. If any time you feel that you are at risk of not graduating please reach out to the Student Support Specialist.

Students on academic notice will meet on Zoom with the Student Support Specialist at least three times in the following semester after academic notice occurs to develop a plan for academic success. The Student Support Specialist will reach out to students after academic standing & current semester grades are posted on MySJSU & transcripts per each semester calendar

Students are encouraged to take advantage of our self-paced workbook, Solutions for Success, and utilize the special academic notice calculator to project how taking a given number of classes with variations of expected grades would affect their cumulative GPA.

Administrative Academic Probation

Any student who does not successfully complete INFO 203 in the first 4 weeks of the semester will be placed on administrative academic probation. After a discussion with the Graduate Coordinator, a student may be allowed to retake INFO 203 if the student presents compelling reasons or has performed well in a first attempt  (B or above) in INFO 200 (the graduate writing class).  If the INFO 203 class is not passed on the second attempt, the student will be disqualified from the University. A hold will be placed on the student’s ability to register for other classes until INFO 203 has been successfully passed.

If an MLIS  student fails to make a B in each core class (INFO 200, 202, 204) the student is placed on administrative academic probation and is at risk of disqualification. If on a second attempt the student again fails to make a B the student will be administratively disqualified. 

Approximately two weeks before the end of Advanced Registration, MySJSU will allow MLIS students to enroll in a retake of a core course or elective. Check the SJSU Registrar’s Calendar for the specific date.

If an MLIS or MARA or Informatics student is awarded a NC (No Credit) grade in INFO 289 or MARA 289 or INFM 211 (the School’s culminating class) the student will be placed on administrative academic probation and is at risk of disqualification. If a second NC (No Credit) is awarded for the class the student will be administratively disqualified. 


A student can be disqualified on the basis of:

Once a student is disqualified, they are no longer officially a matriculated student in the university. Disqualified students will be precluded from registering for future SJSU graduate courses either through Regular or Special Session, or through Open University.

The School of Information does not reinstate students who have been disqualified.