Adding and Dropping Classes


Adding and Dropping Classes

Students need to pay careful attention to Add and Drop deadlines each semester. 

For Regular Session students, these dates are posted on the SJSU Registrar Calendar. For Special Session students, the last day to add is 14 days after the first day of the semester. Special Session students should abide by the drop deadline given to Regular Session students on the calendar above. The drop deadline is not the same as the refund deadline. See the refund policy.

Open Registration

Before classes actually begin, current students add and drop classes using the MySJSU web site at No permission codes are needed during this “open registration” period. For more information and for dates, read our iSchool Registration Process.

Late Registration

Late Registration begins on the first official day of the semester. For Regular Session students, late registration end dates are posted on the SJSU Registrar Calendar. For Special Session students, late Registration ends 14 days after the first day of the semester.


Refund Policy

Late Adds and Late Drops incur penalty fees. The amount of the penalty fee will depend on how far into the semester the student attempts to add or drop a course. The longer a student waits to drop a course, the greater the risk is that student will receive little or no refund. There are different refund guidelines depending on whether you are in Special Session or Regular Session. The Bursar handles regular session refund policy and refunds. The College (CPGE) handles special session refunds.


Adding a Class after Open Registration

To add a class after open registration ends, you must obtain a permission number from the instructor. Instructors may choose not to accept new students once the semester has begun. If the instructor does give permission and e-mails you a permission code, use the MySJSU web site to add the class. A tutorial at [PDF] explains how to add a class using a permission code. The deadline for adding a class in this manner is the 14th business day of instruction in any semester.