Candidacy Approval Form Information


Candidacy Approval Form Information

This form is formally called the Petition for Advancement to Graduate Candidacy. It tells SJSU that your department is advancing you for review for candidacy for a graduate degree.

Note: Students are to upload this form to the candidacy dropbox in the Canvas iSchool Advising and Administration site — do not send this form directly to the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations office (GAPE). Do Not FAX to the iSchool — FAXes will not be accepted.

Students do not need to have their own advisors sign this form. The iSchool will download your Candidacy Form from Canvas, obtain necessary signatures, and then forward it to GAPE.

In most cases, the School of Information sets the due date prior to the GAPE due date. This is because we need time to review your submitted form, have it signed by the iSchool Coordinator of Admissions and Academic Advising, and send it to the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations office (GAPE) by their posted deadline. GAPE will give the final and official approval or denial.

Due Dates for Submission to iSchool

For May graduation, submit to Canvas by September 24.
For August graduation, submit to Canvas by December 1.
For December graduation, submit to Canvas by March 25.

How to Fill Out:

Follow the appropriate link details on how to fill out this form online and save it to your computer for uploading to Canvas:

How to Submit:

In Canvas, go to the iSchool Advising and Administration site under Courses. Click on the link to Candidacy Approvals. On the right, you will see the link to upload submissions. 

The iSchool Graduation Checklist can walk you through the administrative steps toward completing your degree. For questions, contact the Student Services Team.

Once approved, do not submit this form again. To make changes, submit a substitution form.