Accessing Grades


Accessing Grades

Grades are posted on MySJSU, which is accessed via one.SJSU portal. 

NOTE: It is strictly against University policy for the iSchool Office to give out student grades. The iSchool Office will not give out grades over the phone, e-mail, or in-person. Instructors may choose to personally notify students of their grades.

RD: Report Delayed

On occasion, students accessing their records may find an RD recorded for a course grade. RD simply means Report Delayed. This is merely a place holder that the Office of the Registrar assigns when an instructor as not yet turned in a grade roster. Once the grade roster is turned in, the Office of the Registrar enters the grades. An RD has no negative effect on students’ transcripts and is only a temporary place holder.

Credit/No Credit

The iSchool offers several Credit/No Credit courses, including internship or practicum courses, special studies, field work, and culminating experience. iSchool students may have no more than 15 units worth of Credit/No Credit coursework as part of their total 43 units for the MLIS degree.

Letter-graded courses may not be taken on a Credit/No Credit basis.