Dropping a Class


Dropping a Class

Fall and Spring: To drop a class BEFORE DROP DEADLINE

You drop a class until the drop date by using the SJSU MySJSU web site. A tutorial at https://www.sjsu.edu/learnanywhere/how-tos/my-sjsu-basics/drop-class.php explains how to drop a class on the MySJSU website.


MLIS and MARA, Certificate and TL Credential Classes: The deadline for dropping a class (without a “W”) is posted on the SJSU Registration Calendar. After that date, a grade of “W” will be recorded for a dropped class and you must show serious and compelling circumstances for dropping the course. Please read the current Petition for Course Drop form carefully. Instructions and current Petition for Course Drop form can be found under WithdrawalThe drop deadline is the same even if the class runs later in the semester.

MS in INFM Classes: The deadline to drop an INFM class is the 5th calendar day of the class’ Session I or Session II semester dates shown at the top of the MS in Informatics Session I and Session II schedules on the iSchool Schedule of Classes, including weekends and holidays, with the first being day 1.

iSchool Open Classes: Check with iSchool Student Services for drop and refund timelines and procedures as students taking Open Classes must be manually dropped by the Registrar.

**Drop deadlines are different from refund deadlines. Please see Refund Policy for information on refund deadlines.


All of our classes for both regular and special session students are in special session in summer.  So the dates on the University summer calendar will not apply to you.  Refer to the special session refund policy. Contact CPGE with questions about special session “professional degree programs” refund policy at: cpge@sjsu.edu