If you decide not to attend and are already enrolled in classes, be sure to drop those classes before you leave. If you do not drop classes, you will receive a grade of “WU” which later turns into a grade of “F.”

Withdrawals after the second week of instruction are approved only for serious and compelling reasons.

iSchool Master’s degree, TL Credential and Certificate students, initiate the Withdrawal petition request through an online GAPE form: Graduate Petition for Course Drop/Semester Withdrawal This petition is to request a late or retroactive withdrawal from a single course or entire semester. See tutorial below.

iSchool Open Classes Students Only: Please complete the undergraduate petition for the appropriate semester.

Retroactive Withdrawals

Withdraw petitions received by Graduate Studies near the day of the petition deadline posted on the Registrar’s calendar or after, may end up being considered Retroactive Withdraw petitions. This is because it takes several days to secure all necessary signatures from different departments. 

A retroactive withdraw means that the student will likely receive the grade(s) earned, but if the petition is approved, the grade(s) will be changed to a W. If the failed grades put the student on academic notice, the academic notice status will remain even after the grades are changed to W. The student must successfully complete the next semester attended to work their way off academic notice (CUM GPA = 3.0 or higher). 

Tutorial (MLIS, MARA, INFM, TL Credential, Certificate)

Please do not use Safari when filling in the form.

Before filling in this form, please determine if:

  1. You are an international student
  2. You are currently on financial aid
  3. You are a student in a Special Session program (MARA, INFM, MLIS students in special session).

*If you fall under any of the above categories, please check the appropriate box to ensure proper signature routing.

  1. Begin answering questions:

    Step 1 Image
  2. Enter your personal information
    Things to note:
    • For College select “Professional & Global Education” (SJSU iSchool is within the College of Professional and Global Education (CPGE))
    • For Major Advisor select “Linda Main” (Dr. Linda Main is the graduate advisor for all programs in the School of Information)
    Step 2 Image
  3. Enter withdrawal information
    • If you are not requesting to drop ALL of your classes for that term, select “Drop Courses”
    • If you are dropping all classes, select “Withdraw from the Semester”
    Step 3 Image
  4. Enter Personal Statement
    If you are requesting a course drop, make sure to indicate in your statement why you are able to handle the other classes.

    Step 4 Image
  5. Attach supporting documentation and the HPVMC form if applicable. This form serves as documentation of medical/health issues in support of a student petition.

    Step 5 Image
  6. Sign the form using your mouse or touchpad and SUBMIT!

    Step 6 Image