MARA 294 Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning


Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning — MARA 294

Learning Outcomes are based on a revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning, which explain why we learn: to remember, to understand, to apply, to analyze, to evaluate, and to create.

These six levels build upon each other, creating a hierarchy of learning:

  • Remember = recall and recognize facts
  • Understand = interpret, translate or paraphrase information remembered (you must remember before you understand)
  • Apply = use information in a situation different from the original learning context (you must understand before you apply)
  • Analyze = separate information into its essential elements to make things clear (you must be able to apply in order to analyze)
  • Evaluate = make judgments or decisions based on information from your analysis and form new information (you must analyze in order to evaluate)
  • Create = generate new ideas or ways to look at a current issue or idea (you must evaluate before your create)

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