Internship Faculty Information

iSchool faculty supervisors work with students and site supervisors to ensure that approved internships provide professional learning opportunities that benefit both parties.

Contact Information

INFO 294 Internships:

  • For questions about internships in archival settings, and virtual internships contact Dr. Linda Main.
  • For questions about internships in non-archival  on site settings, contact Dr. Bill Fisher.

MARA 294 internships:

Responsibilities Before the Internship Begins

INFO 294 Faculty Internship Supervisor

  • Conducting an orientation: Throughout the year, INFO 294 faculty supervisors will conduct orientation sessions for students interested in doing an internship. Students interested in an internship during the upcoming semester should participate in one of these sessions. Orientation dates and times will be announced on the iSchool website and via the iSchoolAlert notification system.

MARA 294 MARA Faculty Internship Supervisor

  • Conducting an orientation: MARA 294 is offered only each spring. Each fall the MARA Faculty Internship Supervisor will conduct an orientation session for MARA students who will take MARA 294 the following semester.

Responsibilities During the Internship

  • Approving MLIS and MARA student learning outcomes: The faculty supervisors will insure that each of their student’s learning outcomes are realistic with regard to what the student hopes to accomplish, the time allotted, and any limitations inherent within the internship site itself.
  • Running the Canvas LMS course: The faculty supervisors will maintain Canvas sites for their respective INFO ⁄ MARA 294 courses (several sections may be combined into one Canvas site). Information including course assignments and deadlines will be found on the Canvas site. Other communication mediums, such as a blog or website, may also be used at a supervisor’s discretion.
  • Monitoring student progress: Each faculty supervisor is responsible for monitoring his or her student's progress toward achieving the defined learning outcomes and communicating with the student about internship progress.
  • Serving as liaison between the iSchool and the internship site: The faculty supervisor will request feedback from the site supervisor regarding the student's performance. This feedback may derive from site visits and ⁄ or telephone, written, or e-mail contact depending on the schedules of the faculty and site supervisor and the particular needs of the student.
  • Evaluating student performance: The faculty supervisor is responsible for collecting the student's assignments and evaluation forms and assigning a grade of credit or no credit for the internship course. Feedback from the site supervisor is used to determine the student's final grade.

(Guidelines adapted from: Association for Library and Information Science Educators, "Guidelines for Practices and Principles in the Design, Operation and Evaluation of Student Field Experiences in Library and Information Science" (1983); reaffirmed in 1990. Page accessed 2/14/2013.)