Tips for Preparing Virtual Interns

  • After hiring an intern, consider whether there is any pre-work or research that he or she should complete before the semester starts in order to be prepared for the job.
  • Consider setting up a web-based orientation session where you can present all the key components of your organization to your virtual intern. Providing a good knowledge base at the beginning of the semester will help your intern move quickly along the learning curve. A group orientation session will be particularly useful if you have multiple virtual interns during a semester:  You can save time and initiate teamwork and community building amongst them.
  • Working virtually can make it difficult for interns to feel connected. Introducing the intern to your organization and the people within your department will help your virtual intern understand his or her own position within the organization. Sharing the larger picture and explaining to your interns how they fit into it will help them to better understand the impact they are having.

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