Graduation Ceremonies Spring 2018

SJSU College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA) Commencement

San Jose State University is changing the way it will handle the onsite commencement in San Jose in Spring 2018.  Commencement will be run through the Colleges.

The School of Information is part of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA)

The College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA) Commencement  (which includes the School of Information) will be held at the Avaya Stadium  in San Jose on Friday, May 25th from 5pm to 7pm. Graduates are allowed to bring up to 10 guests each to commencement. 

This is the "LIVE" ceremony where: your name is read, you walk across the stage and you are hooded.

The School of Information will host a reception for iSchool graduates, family and friends following the CASA Commencement. The location will be announced at a later date.

School of Information Virtual Graduation Celebration

The School of Information will host a virtual synchronous online celebration honoring all our school’s graduates, so that everyone will be able to join the celebration online. This will be on Saturday, May 26th from 9am-10am Pacific Time.  This event lasts less than one hour and will be held via Zoom Web Conferencing.

Virtual Graduation Website

A special online graduation platform was built with input from students and faculty and features graduate student profiles, degree presentations, graduating student award winners, and more. Visitors can search by graduate name and post congratulatory messages.

Graduation Eligibility

Students who received notice that their graduation requirements were met and their degrees were conferred for August 2017 or December 2017 are eligible to participate in the May 2018 commencement.. If spring 2018 is your last semester, and you intend to graduate in May 2018, you will only be eligible to participate in commencement if the following requirements have been met:

  1. You have been advanced to graduate candidacy (an approved candidacy form is on file with GAPE).
  2. You have submitted an Application for Award of Master's Degree for May 2018 graduation (this is not the same as the candidacy form).
  3. You have completed INFO 289 e-Portfolio or INFO 299 Thesis

If you will be completing your degree during the summer 2018 term and graduating in August 2018, you will not be eligible to participate in the May 2018 convocation.

Please contact the SJSU iSchool student services team, with any questions about the graduation application process, qualifications, and/or eligibility. Please email Sheila Gurtu if you would like iSchool staff to know the phonetic pronunciation of your name before it is recorded on the online graduation platform.

Student Profile Photo Submission Guidelines

Follow the instructions once you begin setting up your profile, but these are basic photo guidelines for your submission:

  • A head shot of you (e.g., head and shoulders) Please no props, groups shots or full body photos.
  • Professional-looking
  • High-quality/resolution (minimum size is 260 x 173 pixels)
  • JPEG/PNG/BMP photo file (Word documents, PDFs and PowerPoint Files cannot be accepted)
  • Do not crop to alter your photo