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In the News: Notre-Dame

Published: April 19, 2019 by Katie Kuryla

It is a tragedy that was seen all around the world, flames leaping from the top of Notre-Dame Cathedral on the evening of Monday April 15. The Paris fire brigade chaplain, Jean-Marc Fournier, had one thing in mind as he tried to fight the fire - rescue the two most sacred relics.


20th Century Fox Oral History

Published: April 5, 2019 by Katie Kuryla

I recently finished my oral history class and while I thought I was just taking this class for the credit, it ended up opening my eyes to the world of Oral History. And just in time too because as March 20, 2019, Walt Disney Co. acquired Twentieth Century Fox, FX, Fox Searchlight, and NatGeo. This marks the final drumbeat for the historic 20th Century Fox, which was one of Hollywood’s six major studios.


Archives Awareness: Fashion Archivist

Published: March 22, 2019 by Katie Kuryla

Did you ever imagine that there could be a position for an archivist in the fashion industry? Between hanging a knit dress and storing shoes in plastic bins, there are many ways to accidentally ruin fashion pieces but Julie Ann Clauss is a fashion archivist who works to help people properly store their clothing.


#BalanceforBetter: International Women’s Day

Logo from International Women's Day Site

Published: March 8, 2019 by Katie Kuryla

It is International Women’s Day on March 8th and to celebrate, cities around the world are showing examples of #BalanceforBetter, this years theme. If you are in Chicago, check out the event where an art therapist talks about her proposal for an art therapy archives.


Around the Web: A Christmas Story House

Published: November 30, 2018 by Katie Kuryla 

Christmas time is personally one of my favorite times of year. The lights, the music, eggnog, and the smell of the trees! It’s the best time of year. One of my favorite activities is watching A Christmas Story.


A Call for Papers – Archives and Popular Culture

Published: November 19, 2018 by Katie Kuryla 

One of the great things while we are working on our degrees, is the opportunities regarding writing papers for peer-reviewed journals, official publications, and even books. Recently, I saw a post for a #CallforPapers from View Journal looking for proposals for a special issue of Journal of Popular Culture. The Special Issue is Archives and Popular Culture.


#Spotlight Series: Eric Bryan

Published: October 12, 2018 by Katie Kuryla 

This month’s spotlight series is Eric Bryan, CRM. He finished his CRM exam after he finished his degree and he is here to discuss the last leg of the exam and his time in the MARA program. Thank you so much Eric! – Katie


#FacultyFriday Spotlight: Matt Veatch

Published: September 28, 2018 by Katie Kuryla 

The MARA Program Advisory Committee (PAC) welcomes a new member this semester. Matt Veatch, the State Archivist of the Kansas Historical Society in Tokepa, Kansas. He will be participating in the biannual meetings to advise on curricular issues.


#Spotlight Series: Anna Belle Rosen and SAASC

Published: August 31, 2018 by Katie Kuryla 

Welcome back everyone! Our first blog post of the fall semester is one of our spotlight series on Anna Belle Rosen. Anna Belle is the secretary of our school’s chapter of the Society of American Archivists. It is great to see MARA students becoming more active in the school community and Anna Belle is here to tell you about the wonderful things that SAASC has to offer.


Around The Web: Blockchain and Trust

Published: July 6, 2018 by Katie Kuryla 

We have heard about data breaches plenty of times. A person might have been a victim of one, like the Target data breach, and it begins to make us wonder if there is a secure way to protect our information from being breached.


What Started Your Passion for Archives and Records?

Published: June 15, 2018 by Katie Kuryla 

What started your passion for archives and records? I had just started my first semester and I went to see a movie one night and noticed a Doctor Who cartoon on one of the television screens in the lobby. I was a recent Doctor Who fan and I had figured that the cartoon was an episode from the newest season, somehow the Doctor went so far in the Tardis that he ended up in a cartoon world. Boy was I wrong!


#Spotlight Series: Anna Maloney: A Year in the Life of a MARA Graduate

Published: June 8, 2018 by Katie Kuryla 

I was introduced to Anna Maloney when I was taking over her position as an assistant at school. When I moved to a new city, it coincidentally was the same city that Anna lived in and by chance we found out. We don’t always get the opportunity to meet the people we go to school with but I was lucky enough to meet Anna in person. 


End of Spring Semester

Published: May 23, 2018 by Katie Kuryla 

As we wait for our grades, now that Spring semester is over and summer is right around the corner, I’m here to let you know what you need to do to prepare for the end of the semester. Congrats to the graduates but if you are here for another year, make sure you are saving documents to your ePortfolio. Take a few minutes to read over what you need to do now that it is the end of the semester:


#FacultyFriday Spotlight: Joshua Zimmerman

Published: May 18, 2018 by Katie Kuryla 

Getting to know our faculty

What really makes Josh’s research methods class great, is the professor himself. He is an excellent lecturer and his class was by far one of my favorites. While he will tell you in his answers below that he never imagined that he would be helping improve writing of graduate students, he not only helped my writing but he improved my focus on my research topic that I’ve been trying to get across in all my papers in my classes. While his quote from his #FacultyFriday photo talks about him learning new topics and new takes on old topics from his students, it has been his enthusiasm that I felt I learned so much in his class. I’m sure there have been other students who have felt this way too.


Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes

Published: May 4, 2018 by Katie Kuryla 

Back in October, I went to the Star Wars Costume exhibit and found some really interesting facts about Star Wars. I wasn’t ever a fan and in fact, I could say I’m still not a fan but I do respect the work a lot more. Knowing the information I did about the costumes and the things I already knew through a project I did on Pixar (yes, Pixar was once owned by George Lucas), I appreciated the work that went into Star Wars when I watched it. One thing I also found important about the Star Wars costumes exhibit was how important it is to save these items.