MacOS High Sierra Compatibility

MacOS High Sierra (v10.13)

The School of Information is not currently supporting MacOS High Sierra.   We are in the process of testing compatibility and checking with software vendors for certification timelines.   We will continue to add relevant notes to this page.    

Please note that users who choose to upgrade to High Sierra at this time do so at their risk.   iSchool IT support staff will NOT be able to assist with any technical issues experienced following an upgrade to High Sierra.


Adobe Products (Adobe Acrobat Reader, Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Adobe Flash):   Problems have been reported with InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.   The issues are described here, and fixes for InDesign and Illustrator have been released.

Blackboard Collaborate:

  • Collaborate Launcher for Mac:    v1.4.0 of the Collaborate Launcher is provisionally supported under High Sierra
  • Supported Web Browsers for High Sierra:       Please see the Collaborate system requirements page.
  • Unsupported Web Browsers for High Sierra:   Please see the Collaborate system requirements page.
  • Supported Versions of PowerPoint for High Sierra:


Cataloging Services:

  • Cataloger's Desktop:
  • Classification Web:
  • OCLC Connexion:
  • RDA Toolkit

Microsoft Office:

  • Office 2016 for Mac:  v15.35 (and later) of Office 2016 is fully compatible with High Sierra.
  • Prior versions:   Office 2011 and prior have not been tested by Apple, nor are they supported by Apple, under High Sierra.   Please note that all SJSU students and faculty have free access to Office 365 and the Office 2016 apps.


Panopto Recorder (Faculty Only):

SPSS Statistics:   SPSS 25 with FixPack 1 is compatible with High Sierra.   SPSS 24 may run, but is unsupported.    Please check the following page for updates. 


WebData Pro:    WebData Pro is compatible with all current browsers.    Please report any problems using the iSchool Tech Support Form.

Zoom:   High Sierra is supported.   Please see the following page for any questions.