Inmagic Db/textworks Download and Setup


IMPORTANT NOTE:  DB/TextWorks is no longer actively used in iSchool classes.   This page is available for archival purposes only, primarily for students who are in INFO 289 (ePortfolio) who wish to use DB/TextWorks projects as evidence.  

Instructions for downloading and installing Inmagic DB/TextWorks 14.0 for: Windows XP, Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), or Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit).


This page contains instructions for downloading and installing DB/TextWorks. Read these instructions from beginning to end before downloading and installing. You may want to print these instructions out for reference.

All Users

If you are unable to download the DB/TextWorks software following the instructions below, please see the DB/TextWorks Download and Installation Support page.  If none of the provided solutions resolve your problem, then please contact Abigail Laufer for additional assistance.

Instructions for downloading and installing DB/TextWorks

1. Get the ”Restricted Readings” Username and Password from your 202 instructor.

2. To download DB/TextWorks 14.0, RIGHT-CLICK on this link and select either “Save Target As” (Internet Explorer) or “Save Link As” (Firefox):

  • Important Note: If you experience issues downloading DB/TextWorks, then you may want to try doing a LEFT-CLICK on the above link (instead of a RIGHT-CLICK). If you perform a LEFT-CLICK, then Step #4 below may differ slightly, and may depend on which Web browser you are using. In any case, be sure to make a note of the location to which the file is downloaded so that you can proceed with Step #5 (installation).

3. You will be prompted for the SJSU iSchool Username and Password. These are the same as those for restricted readings.

4. Your browser should open the ”save as“ dialog box and prompt you for a local directory on your hard-drive in which to save the file. Choose Desktop or a directory and click OK (Be sure to remember what you chose.) If your browser does not automatically open a ”save as“ dialog, you may need to reconfigure your browser preferences for file-extension handling (helper applications/plug-ins, etc).

5. Steps 1-4 downloaded the .exe file; you now need to install the software. Go to your desktop and navigate to the directory in which the .exe file was saved.

6. Double–click on DBTextWorksV14.exe. (Note: Some users may need to right–click on DBTextWorksV14.exe and select “Run as Administrator”). The installation files for Inmagic DB/TextWorks 14.0 will self–extract to a temporary directory.

7. Following extraction, the setup program for DB/TextWorks 14.0 will automatically run.

  • Setup will prompt for your name, company, and the serial number. Your instructor will provide this serial number to you. DO NOT CALL INMAGIC!
  • Please note that in this case the serial number is not actually a number at all, but is in fact a password. Your instructor will provide you with the password that you will need to type into the Serial Number field.
  • The setup wizard will guide you through the installation process.