Overview — MARA 295

The scope of the Organizational Consulting Project is substantive such that the client would normally pay a consulting fee for the level of work. (However, because this is a learning experience it is not expected that the student will be paid.)

The client will typically be the student’s current employer or another selected organization.

The major deliverables are:

  • Approval of the SJSU ethical review as appropriate;
  • Proposal and presentation to the client;
  • The final Organizational Consulting Project report;
  • The presentation of the report to the client.

Students are expected to work independently on the project, interfacing with the employees of the client site as necessary.

Students should expect to devote a minimum of 135 hours to the project. Additional time will be required to complete related classwork at the discretion of the MARA 295 instructor.

The client may expect a confidentiality agreement. Regardless, no project will be used as a model by the School without the express consent of both the student and the client. A form for this purpose will be included in the completed report, right after the signature page attesting to the completion of the report.

The project will represent the student’s problem-solving and analytical abilities as well as project management and self-management skills.

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