Organizational Consulting Project Handbook


MARA 295 Organizational Consulting Project Handbook


The goal of the Organizational Consulting Project is to provide an integrative opportunity for the student to apply at a high level the knowledge and skills developed in the program.


Only students in good standing may take MARA 295, the one-semester, 3-unit organizational consulting course. To be in good standing:

  • all Incompletes of record must be removed prior to application deadline
  • your GPA must be 3.00 or higher
  • you must have a letter of recommendation from at least one MARA instructor
  • and you must have approval of the MARA advisor


Students can register for MARA 295: MARA Organizational Consulting Project if they petition the MARA instructor and provide proof of eligibility as indicated above. The 3 credits for this course counts toward the total of 42 units required for the MARA degree.

If your address changes during the semester, please notify the San José office.

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