Saving Coursework

Please remember to save information and materials for your ePortfolio prior to the end of the semester. 

SJSU iSchool Students:

Please remember that students are responsible for saving all information and materials that you may need for your  MLIS ePortfolio or MARA ePortfolio prior to the end of each semester.  Post-Master's Certificate students will need to save materials for the program outcomes assessment project to be completed in their final semester. Digital Assets Certificate-only students will also need to save materials for their digital portfolio competency project.

This includes but is not limited to:

a. Zoom Recording Information

For Zoom recordings that students create in their own Zoom rooms, the person who set up the meeting and recorded it will have the recording file saved on their own computer. If they wish to do so, they can upload it to their Google Drive as a back-up and also as a way to share the recording with others. Details are posted in this page Saving and Sharing Zoom Recordings

For Zoom any recording made in a room that a faculty member set up, students can save the link to the recording after receiving it from the faculty member.

b.  Assignments: Students are responsible for retaining all work and documents related to submitted assignments, as well as maintaining backups of such files.

c.  Documenting group project work via screenshots or screencasts:  For courses such as INFO 202 and INFO 242, students who may wish to use their groups projects as ePortfolio evidence are encouraged to document their projects via screenshots or screencasts. Screencasts may be recorded using tools such as Jing.


Course Access:

For any given semester, course access terminates one month after the first day of the subsequent semester at 11:59 PM Pacific. For example, upon the conclusion of the Spring 2018 semester, course access ended on 5 July 2018 because the first day of the Summer semester was 4 June 2018 (an extra day was given since 4 July was a holiday). 

The School of Information cannot accept any requests to “re-open” a closed course for students who failed to save specific materials and/or experienced loss of their saved materials due to hard drive failure or other data loss situations. 

To avoid running into problems when it comes time to work on your ePortfolio, you should:

  1. Save all materials and information that you may need for your ePortfolio prior to the end of each semester.
  2. Be sure to maintain local backups of your saved materials.

Evidentiary Items:

Examples of the types of items that could potentially be used as evidence in your ePortfolio are available on the handbook page, Examples of Evidentiary Items

Please note that this list is for illustration purposes only and is NOT intended to be an exhaustive list. MLIS students are encouraged to download the Student Success Planner  workbook to organize their ePortfolio evidence.

Canvas Download Submissions Tool for Collecting Evidentiary Items

Canvas provides a tool which allows students to comprehensively download all submitted assignments for current and concluded courses. Please note that this tool does not include quizzes or graded discussion posts as part of downloaded assignments.

Saving Quizzes, Discussion Posts, Instructor Feedback

Quizzes and discussion posts must be saved manually by students. The best way to capture these assignment types are as screenshots (either in image or PDF format) and must be done prior to the closing of a course.