Add Records


Add Records To Your Database

WebDataPro Discontinued in iSchool Courses
WebDataPro has been discontinued as a software tool in iSchool courses, effective June 2022. The tutorials are being maintained here for benefit of INFO 289 e-Portfolio students who may wish to use materials created using WebDataPro as evidence.

1. From the administration page, click on the navigation button labeled “Manage Records”.

Manage Records Page

2. Select the table for which you need to add records and click on “Go to Selected Table“.

Manage Records Page

3. This will take you to a data entry form for that table, which will allow you to manually enter records.

Data Entry Form


  • For the “owner” field, don’t select anything. Leave it blank.
  • For the “date” field, enter the date in the format specified. (This field is mandatory).
  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT enter anything in the “_id” field (which will be labeled yourtablename_id). This is a unique identifier, which will be automatically added for each record.


4. Enter your record data in the fields and then click on the “Add” button. You should receive a confirmation notice that your record has been added successfully.

Record Added Confirmation

5. After your record has been added, you will be returned to the data entry screen. Click on the “Clear Form” button (which will clear out the fields), and then proceed with inputting your next record. Repeat this process until you have finished adding records.

6. If at any time you want to double-check or edit the records that you have added, click “Clear Form” and then click “Search/Modify“. This will display a list of all records which have been entered so far.

7. After you have finished adding records, click on the link at the bottom of the page labeled “Return to administration page“.