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Create Your Instance Of WebData Pro

Students may use a self-service procedure to create an “instance” of WebData Pro which they will use to complete their assignments in INFO 202. Students may do this individually, or as part of a group, depending on the assignment parameters specified by your INFO 202 instructor.

1. Go to the WebData Pro student sign-up page:

Before being allowed through to the sign-up page, you will be prompted for a username and password. Enter the current iSchool restricted materials username and password which was provided to you by your INFO 202 instructor or your INFO 289 e-Portfolio advisor. After doing so, you will be taken to the Student Database Sign-up Page.

Database Sign-up Page

2. On the Student Database Sign-up Page, enter the following information:

Email: Enter your preferred email address. You will receive an email at this address that will include the access information for your WebData Pro site.

Choose a Password: Choose a password and be sure to document it. Warning: DO NOT use any “special characters” such as *&!-_ and so forth in your password. Use only letters and numbers.

Confirm Password: Enter the same password again. Again, DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS. Only letters and numbers will work in WebData Pro passwords.

Student_id: Enter your 9-digit SJSU ID number.

Course_number: Use the drop-down menu to select your course section number (e.g. 202-01, 202-10, etc.). If you are an e-Portfolio student, select “289 e-Portfolio”.

Term: Use the drop-down menu to select the semester during which you are taking INFO 202 or INFO 289.

Professor: Use the drop-down menu to select your INFO 202 instructor. If you are an e-Portfolio student, then select the option labeled “INFO 289 e-Portfolio Advisor”.

3. After entering the requested information, click on the ‘Create Database‘ button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Chrome users may experience a problem where the Create Database button does not seem to do anything. This is because Chrome is being overly-paranoid and is blocking the script from running. To correct the problem, locate the shield icon at the far right of the Chrome address bar. Click on the shield and then click on “Load Unsafe Script“. Unfortunately, you’ll have to re-enter your information on the Sign-Up form, however this time the process will complete successfully when you click on the “Create Database” button.

After clicking on the ‘Create Database‘ button, your database will be created and then you’ll be prompted for a username and password.

Login Dialog

Enter your email address as the username and then enter the password that you selected in the previous step. (NOTE: You will also receive an email message containing your site and login information. Please check your email and verify that you receive the message).

4. Next, you will be taken to your Database Login Page.

Database Login Page

IMPORTANT: The User Name field will be pre-populated with the username “admin”. DO NOT change this. For the password field, enter the password that you selected during the sign-up process.

5. After logging into WebData Pro, you will be taken to your administration page.

Administration Page

Proceed to the next section for instructions on creating your database table and defining your fields