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Create A Query/Search Page For Your Database

WebDataPro Discontinued in iSchool Courses
WebDataPro has been discontinued as a software tool in iSchool courses, effective June 2022. The tutorials are being maintained here for benefit of INFO 289 e-Portfolio students who may wish to use materials created using WebDataPro as evidence.

1. From the administration page, click on the navigation button labeled “Manage Layouts“.

Manage Layouts

2. Under Manage Layouts, click on the button labeled “Add New Layout“.

Manage Layouts

3. Choose a name for your new layout (for example, “Coin Collection”). Layout names do not have any character restrictions.

Edit Layout

4. You will be taken to the ‘Edit Layout‘ screen.

Edit Layout

There are a lot of options. We’ll only be using a couple of them in this example.

5. Make sure that the following checkboxes are selected:

  • Allow visitors to search with this layout
  • Include default instructions on search page

6. Under “Available fields“, click on the fields you wish to include on the search page. DO NOT select any of the fields under **OWNER FIELDS**.

NOTE: Your fields will show up under “Available Fields” in the following format:


So if your table was named “coins_project1” and one of your fields was named “coin_name“, then that field will show up as: coins_project1.coin_name.

7. When you click on a field under “Available fields“, you will see that it shows up under the “Search Fields” column on the right. That indicates that the field in question will be included on the search/query page.

8. Next, scroll down the page. Halfway down, there’s a section labeled “Sequence of Fields“.

Sequence Of Fields

Under Available Fields, click on the same fields that you selected in the previous step. Those fields will then show up under “Report Columns” on the right.

9. Finally, scroll all the way down and click on the button labeled “Save Layout”. After saving the layout, you’ll be returned to the top of the Edit Layout page. At the top-right, there’s a link labeled “Go to user search page“. Click on that link. This will take you to the search page for your database.

Search Page

Copy the URL for your search page from the browser’s address bar and document it. This will be the URL that you provide to the instructor, or to other students or groups, to allow them to query your database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to give others access to your search/query page, you will need to create a user account for them using the Manage Members tool. Please see the next section for instructions on creating user accounts for others.

DISPLAYING ALL RECORDS IN YOUR DATABASE: On the search page, you’ll see fields where you can enter search terms. To pull up all of the records in the database, leave all of the fields blank and click on the Search button. This will generate a listing of all records in the database.

Search Results