Modifying Or Deleting Records In Your Database

WebDataPro Discontinued in iSchool Courses
WebDataPro has been discontinued as a software tool in iSchool courses, effective June 2022. The tutorials are being maintained here for benefit of INFO 289 e-Portfolio students who may wish to use materials created using WebDataPro as evidence.

1. From the administration page, click on the navigation button labeled “Manage Records“.

2. Select the table in question and click on “Go to Selected Table“.

3. This will take you to the Data Entry form for that table. Leave all fields blank and click on the button labeled “Search/modify“.

Data Entry Form

4. All records in your database will be displayed in a column format.

Modify Delete Records

Warning: This is NOT a search box! Entering text in it and pressing ‘enter’ will take you to the login page!

Modify Text Box

5. EDITING RECORDS: Each record will include hyperlinks. Clicking on any of the links in the record’s row will take you to a screen where you can modify/update the record.

Modify Record

6. DELETING RECORDS: To delete one or more records, go to the list of records. Select the checkbox for the records you wish to delete under the Delete column, and then click on the button labeled “Delete Only Selected Records“.

Modify Record

7. After you have finished editing or deleting records, click on the link at the bottom of the page labeled “Return to administration page“.