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e-Portfolio Software — INFO 289

Students may build and submit their e-Portfolio publications using either the iSchool-supported Canvas e-Portfolio software and template, or choose another electronic medium approved by their e-Portfolio advisor. The iSchool will only support the use of Canvas software for the e-Portfolio.

While a student may choose to use another medium for their e-Portfolio (with their e-Portfolio advisor’s permission), the iSchool cannot provide technical support for any medium other than Canvas. Other media might be Google Sites, WordPress blogs, custom designed websites, or Portfolium. Do remember — if you do not use Canvas, be sure to password your site.

To learn how to use the Canvas e-Portfolio to build your 289 e-Portfolio in the recommended template, see the instructions.

Important. If using Canvas please be sure not to link to evidence using Course Submissions. Follow the instructions on pp. 2-3, 6 and 12.

Here is a video showing the step by step process for setting up the Canvas e-Portfolio structure

For iSchool Canvas technical help, go to iSchool Canvas Technical Support and fill out the form to contact iSchool Tech Help.

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