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Applying for a California Teacher Librarian Services Credential

The Teacher Librarian Services Credential is a second credential. To be granted this credential, a candidate must hold a valid single or multiple subject Clear Professional Teaching Credential issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Candidates may choose to complete the Teacher Librarian program and MLIS program course work prior to earning their first credential, but the application process for the Teacher Librarian Services Credential cannot be initiated until the first credential is issued by the CCTC.

Steps to Follow

  1. Hold a valid single subject or multiple subject credential from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).
  2. Coursework: complete all coursework for the Teacher Librarian Services Credential.
  3. GPA: You must have a 3.0 GPA in your Credential Course work.
  4. iSchool TL Contract: After your final required course, the Field Experience (INFO 295), is successfully completed, Jonathan Hunt needs to review, approve, and sign your TL contract.
    1. Email completed contract and unofficial transcripts to Jonathan Hunt at
    2. Jonathan Hunt will review the contract and transcripts, sign the contract, scan it and return it to you by email. You will then submit the complete, 2-page, signed contract to the School of Education Credentials Office with your other required documents.
  5. Go to the School of Education Credentials Office website.
    1. Click on SJSU Credential Forms and Steps to Apply.
    2. You will see:
        Applicants must complete all 3 steps:
        Step 1: Complete the Information Coversheet [PDF]
        Step 2: Pay Application Processing Fee
        Step 3: Complete the Appropriate Checklists and Forms
        (Print appropriate checklist and submit all required forms)
    3. To find appropriate checklist for the Teacher Librarian Services Credential, scroll down to the: Other Credentials​.
    4. Click on Teacher Librarian Services Clear.
    5. You will then see a check sheet.
    6. Per the check sheet, you are responsible for gathering all your required documents and mailing them to the School of Education Credentials Office as one complete package. That is how the Credentials Office prefers to receive your materials. This means that once Jonathan Hunt approves and signs and returns your completed TL contract to you, you do not send it to the School of Information office, but instead include the signed contract in the package of materials you send to the School of Education Credentials Office.
  6. That complete package needs to contain the following (as explained in the School of Education Credentials Office check sheet)::
    1. The completed School of Education Credentials Office Information Sheet
    2. $25.00 Processing Fee
    3. Approved (signed) program contract
    4. Official Transcripts
    5. English Language Authorization (Information on Documents)
  7. Please submit COMPLETE application packet and fees in person or mail to:
    San José State University/ College of Education/ Credential Services
    One Washington Square SH 107, San José, CA 95192-0015
  8. After your documents have been reviewed and determined to be complete, the School of Education Credentials Office forwards your documents package to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). The CCTC then emails you, letting you know you have been recommended to apply online to the CCTC for the credential. If you do not hear from the CTC in a timely fashion (7-10 working days) please contact them at 1.888.921.2682 or by email.

iSchool Teacher Librarian Contract Forms

Important Note: We are now using a contract form that reflects both the required courses from 2008 and 2013.  

TL Contract

Questions? Contact Jonathan Hunt.