MARA 289 Enrollment


Enrollment — MARA 289


Students may enroll for MARA 289 in the Fall semester if they plan to complete the degree in December.

Students may enroll for MARA 289 in the Spring semester if they plan to complete the degree in May, or if they will have no more than 3 units remaining to take, which must be taken in the immediately following summer. If a student passes MARA 289 in the Spring semester and successfully completes his/her remaining three units in the immediately following summer semester, the effective date of such student’s graduation will be August. The student may participate in Convocation the following May.

MARA 289 is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters only. It is not offered in Summer.

Prior Incomplete (I) or Report in Progress (RP) in MARA 289

If you are completing an Incomplete grade from a prior semester for MARA 289, you do not need to enroll on MySJSU again for the course. Contact your e-Portfolio advisor and continue working with him or her when the next MARA 289 semester begins.

If you were awarded a report in progress (RP) grade, you will have to enroll in one unit of UNV 290. The fee is $280. The Registrar’s Office will contact you about enrollment.

Re-enrolling for MARA 289 after a No Credit grade

Students who receive a grade of No Credit for MARA 289 in their first attempt may re-enroll and pay for MARA 289 one more time only. If a student receives a grade of No Credit twice in MARA 289, that student will be disqualified from the MARA program.

If you received one previous No Credit grade in MARA 289 and wish to re-take the course, then two weeks before classes start, contact the Student Services Team stating that you are a special session student requesting a permission number for MARA 289. After you receive your permission number you may register for MARA 289. You will not be able to register without a permission number.

Enrolling Late in MARA 289

Please contact Student Services Team for a permission number. Make sure to state you are a special session student, provide your student ID number, and explain the reason for the late enrollment request. Late enrollment in MARA 289 is not encouraged, since there are only 12 weeks in the semester to complete a satisfactory e-Portfolio publication before the deadline.

MARA 289 and Financial Aid

If you are taking MARA 289 as your last class in your final semester of the program and are a recipient of financial aid, please remember that you must enroll in 4 units to receive part-time financial aid, even in your last semester in the program. One unit topical electives are available in special session.