Fees — MARA

Fees for the MARA program are $525 per unit, with a total cost of $22,050 for the degree (42 units) through Summer 2024. For AY 2024 – 2025 starting in Fall 2024, Special Session MARA tuition will be $541 per unit. Fees are subject to review and change.

Students are advised to budget for textbook expenses, as well as obtaining the necessary equipment to prepare their home computing environment, including monthly Internet service, so that they may begin their first semester with all materials in place.

Important Note: In order for financial aid to be available in your first semester, you must complete your financial aid application 3 to 4 months before the semester begins. Applicants can try to get a financial aid application on file while applying for admission to the program.

The Financial Aid Office will not make any financial awards or disbursements until an applicant has been admitted to the iSchool and enrolled for classes. The amount awarded depends on the number of units a student takes each semester. Students need to enroll in at least 4 units (200 level courses) each semester in order to maintain eligibility for financial aid.