MLIS How to Apply


How to Apply — MLIS

Thank you for your interest in applying to the fully online MLIS program at the SJSU School of Information! We accept applications twice a year: fall and spring.

Our MLIS program has two sessions based on residency. When you fill out your application, you will have to select Regular Session or Special Session. Here’s a quick explanation of the two choices.

Regular Session is state-supported and state-subsidized and is for students who have lived within the catchment area of San José, California for one year (zip codes: 939xx – 958xx). (Note Regular Session applicants who are non-California residents (have only lived in the Regular Session catchment area for less than one year, may pay surcharge fees (currently $396 per unit in regular session). The cap on the number of Regular Session students who are accepted to the MLIS program each semester is related to the amount of money received from the state. Regular Session students can also take advantage of San José State University student services, such as Santa Clara County transit services, student body organizations, health care, and recreational activities. Enrollment in Regular Session affords California residents other financial support options such as CSU or CalVet fee waiver.

Regular Session students have the option to switch to Special Session after completing at least 19 units. Regular Session students may want to change their designation, in order to gain access to additional electives offered in Special Session. Note Regular Session students will not be eligible for the CSU or CalVet fee waiver or any financial aid from the State of California if they change their designation to Special Session.

Special Session is totally funded from student fees and is for students who live outside the regular session catchment area of San José, California (e.g., Southern California, the rest of the United States, and the world.) 

Regular Session and Special Session students must meet the same graduation requirements (e.g., same required courses, same number of elective units, same total number of units to graduate). All MLIS courses are offered exclusively online. 

When filling out the application for admission, please be sure to check the correct session on your application (Regular Session or Special Session) based on your zip code. 

IMPORTANT: For those who apply to the incorrect session on Cal State Apply, their applications will be automatically changed to the correct session, based on residential zip code. There will be no notification from SJSU Graduate Admissions.