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Academics — MARA

The Master of Archives and Records Administration degree program is designed to provide graduate students with a sound background in the theory and practice of archives and records and information management.

In order to ensure that the MARA curriculum meets the needs of current and future professionals, four benchmarks were identified, analyzed, and referred to when developing the program, which was launched in the fall of 2008.

“Upon graduation, our students are very capable of passing an examination to be a Certified Archivist, Certified Records Manager or both. Our students are also prepared to sit for an Information Governance Professional examination.” – Dr. Patricia Franks

From the initial analysis, core competencies (program learning outcomes) were identified, which remain the basis for the curriculum today.

To ensure the curriculum remains relevant, the archives and records and information management landscape is monitored continuously with the assistance of a highly qualified and very involved MARA Program Advisory Committee.

In recognition of the content and quality of the MARA program:

  • The Academy of American Archivists has pre-approved 10 MARA required courses as preparing students for the Certified Archivists exam.
  • The Institute of Certified Records Managers has agreed to grant MARA graduates credit for 5 parts of a 6-part examination, which will allow them to immediately become Certified Records Analysts or apply for the 6th part to become Certified Records Managers.