INFO 289 e-Portfolio Advisor


e-Portfolio Advisor — INFO 289

INFO 289 students will be assigned e-Portfolio advisors by the INFO 289 Course Coordinator after the close of the MySJSU Open Enrollment period and before the start of the semester. e-Portfolio advisors are pulled from the full time faculty.

Assignment of e-Portfolio advisors is random and will not be changed.

On the first day of the semester you will find yourself enrolled in your ePortfolio advisor’s Canvas site. The site will not open until the first day of the semester.

Eligible students needing to enroll in INFO 289 after MySJSU registration has closed will be assigned their e-Portfolio advisor when they contact the Student Services Team to request a permission number.

The e-Portfolio advisor is responsible for reading and grading the student’s final e-Portfolio submitted in INFO 289. Feedback on student submissions for the e-Portfolio is provided by the student’s e-Portfolio advisor. The e-Portfolio advisor will provide at least two review periods when drafts may be submitted for review prior to final submission.

It is important to remember that this is the culminating class where you are showing what you have learned; and also showing your ability to synthesize and present yourself and your knowledge. 

The e-Portfolio course differs from other instructor-led iSchool classes in that students must be self-directed in showing what they can do. The instructor is there to administer deadlines and provide reviews of content submitted.

Think of it as a job. You will all have different e-portfolio advisors and they may lay out different paths for you. So you need to work with your e-Portfolio advisor. Some will review your work on an ongoing basis; some will have set reading periods. This is no different from a professional work position where you have to adapt to your boss, whether you want to or not. In a work situation we all have to adapt to our managers. So, view the e-Portfolio that way.

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