DAC Digital Assets Management


Digital Assets Management — Digital Assets Certificate Career Pathway

Students with a focus in Digital Assets Management select nine units from the following list of courses (rotations shown are for special session):
  • INFO 282 Seminar in Library Management 3 units,  
    Required:  Digital Assets Management (each fall and spring)

and 6 units from:

  • INFO 281 Seminar in Contemporary issues
    • Metadata (fall, spring, summer)
  • INFO 284 Seminar in Archives and Records Management
    • Digital Curation (every spring)
    • Tools, Services, Methodologies for Digital Curation (every fall)
    • Digitization and Digital Preservation (every spring)
    •  Management of Digital Data, Information and Records (MARA 249 covers the required content – every spring; or MARA 211 every Fall)
    •  Enterprise Content Management & Digital Preservation (every Fall) (MARA 283 covers the same content – every spring)
    • Encoded Archival Description (EAD) (every spring)