BSISDA Electives


Electives — BS in Information Science and Data Analytics
Transfer Students

Technical Electives (Open to All Majors)

ISDA 20A Query Languages (1 unit)

Introduces students to the features and functionalities of structured query language (SQL) focusing on to manipulating data in a database, creating tables and indexes, modifying stored records, creating database objects.

ISDA 20B Python Programming (2 units)

Hands-on introduction to Python focusing on solving a problem by developing flowcharts and algorithms, building a Python application using Python I/O (input/output), variables and data types, conditionals, and loops, and Python packages

ISDA 20C Web Development (1 unit)

Focuses on the structure and functionality of the world wide web and modular web design techniques. Covers HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The students will also learn about cultural issues in website designing, and accessible and responsive web design.

ISDA 20D Computer Operating Systems (1 unit)

Overview of the design and implementation of computer operating systems (OS) with emphasis on the three major subsystems: process management (processes, threads, CPU scheduling, synchronization, and deadlock), memory management (segmentation, paging, swapping), and file systems; and distributed systems.

Other Elective Options (Open to only BS ISDA Majors)

Electives can be selected from upper division courses in other departments or from approved graduate courses in the School of Information in areas, such as Health Data Analytics, Enterprise Content Management and Digital Preservation, Digital Curation, Digital Assets Management, Digital Forensics, Crisis/Disaster Informatics, Problem Solving with Data.

Note: If electives from graduate courses in the School of Information are used to meet the elective requirements, the courses can only be used for the bachelor’s degree and cannot be later applied to any graduate degree.