INFO 289 Grading


Grading — INFO 289


In order to receive a credit for INFO 289 the following (turned in by the e-Portfolio due date and time) must be deemed satisfactory by the e-Portfolio advisor:

  • Successful completion requires all 14 competencies signed off; plus introduction and conclusion; and affirmation also signed off. 

Report in Progress (RP)

A grade of RP will be given for either of the following circumstances:

  • At least 10 of the 14 required statements of competency and the evidence presented for meeting competencies (note the e-Portfolio Introduction, and e-Portfolio Conclusions are not statements of competency), are turned in by the e-Portfolio due date and time, and at least 10, but less than all 14 are graded as satisfactory,
  • or
  • A request for report in progress (RP) due to illness or family emergency, backed by documentation, is submitted by the student to the e-Portfolio academic advisor or the e-Portfolio Overall Coordinator no later than 72 hours or more prior to the e-Portfolio due date.

No Credit

A grade of No Credit will be given for any situation not mentioned under RP above; for example, 9 or fewer submitted (satisfactory or unsatisfactory) statements of competency with accompanying evidence. If a grade of NC is entered a student will be placed on administrative academic probation.

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