BSISDA Freshmen Advising


Advising — BS in Information Science and Data Analytics

Starting with the fall 2022 semester, freshmen will be admitted to BSISDA in Regular Session.

The university’s Student Outreach and Recruitment office is available on live chat or via Zoom to assist with questions about San José State University and its programs, as well as the admissions process.

The College of Professional and Global Education Student Success Center is here to help undergraduate students in the college achieve academic success. Advisors can work with students to develop plans that help them attain their personal, educational, and professional goals through academic advising, as well as peer mentoring and tutoring. Advisors will also provide guidance on academic probation and other SJSU policies and procedures.

Advising appointments are available virtually and there are also opportunities for virtual drop-in advising. Starting in fall 2022, advising appointments will be available both in person and virtually.

Students can also contact Dr. Frank Cervone, BSISDA program coordinator, with any content questions related to course selection and career path.

Academic Probation and Disqualification


All undergraduate students are required to maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher in order to remain in good academic standing and to graduate. 

The overall GPA is different from a semester GPA. The overall GPA is your cumulative GPA that you earn starting from the first semester as an undergraduate student at SJSU. It is the GPA that takes into account the GPA earned for all previous semesters. The semester GPA is your GPA that is calculated on a semester-by-semester basis.

Academic Probation and At-Risk

An undergraduate student is on Academic Probation if the SJSU GPA falls below 2.0.

If an undergraduate student is currently in good standing, and at the end of a semester their overall GPA falls below 2.0, they will be placed on “Academic Probation.” A status of Academic Probation indicates that the student is not performing to minimum undergraduate GPA standards and is at risk of being disqualified from the university.

Once on academic probation, undergraduate students are subject to disqualification if they fail to earn a SJSU term GPA of 2.0 or better each semester until a SJSU cumulative GPA of 2.0 is again established. See: S16-6.

Freshmen who meet the CSU eligibility requirements may apply to the BSISDA program.