DAC Fees


Fees — Digital Assets Certificate

IMPORTANT: There are no additional fees for current students who are enrolled in the iSchool’s master’s degree programs. 

Fees for the Advanced Certificate in Digital Assets and Services program are $525 per unit, with a total cost of $4,725 for the certificate (9 units) through Summer 2024. For AY 2024 – 2025 starting in Fall 2024, Special Session Advanced Certificate tuition will be $541 per unit. Fees are subject to review and change. 

Students are advised to budget for textbook expenses, as well as obtaining the necessary equipment to prepare their home computing environment, including monthly Internet service, so that they may begin their first semester with all materials in place.

For fall and spring sessions, fees will be due within 21 days of enrollment. Fees are due 15 days from the date of enrollment in the summer session. Students will pay fees after they are enrolled in each course. Methods of payment are available on the Bursar’s website.

The certificate program does not qualify for financial aid.