MARA 289 Content and Process


Content and Process — MARA 289

What is an e-Portfolio?

The MARA 289 e-Portfolio provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate competence in each of the core areas for archives and records management professionals.

An e-Portfolio is an electronic presentation of the portfolio, which enables the student to incorporate multimedia files of different types into the portfolio and demonstrate mastery of basic technological skills and the ability to organize information in an online environment. A portfolio showcases the discussion and collection of evidence you have selected and organized to demonstrate and display your knowledge, skills, abilities, accomplishments, and achievements over a period of time. It serves as evidence of the work you have done and can do and accomplishes the following goals:

  • The process of developing the portfolio enhances the learning process.
  • The resulting portfolio demonstrates your understanding of professional competencies.
  • Both faculty and students can measure individual and group progress toward learning objectives.
  • Students can reflect on their MARA experience to identify individual strengths and develop a professional growth plan.