PhD How to Apply


How to Apply — Gateway PhD

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Gateway PhD program offered through a partnership between the San José State University School of Information and Manchester Metropolitan University. The first cohort will begin July 1, 2022. Subsequent cohorts will begin in July of each year. Please be sure to review the research areas we are currently recruiting for before completing the application procedures.

Application Procedures  

Applications for admission to the Gateway PhD program are processed in 4 stages. This is a coordinated effort between the two universities, with Manchester Met selecting the finalists who are officially offered admission to the Gateway PhD program.

Stage 1: Application package 

Submit the following materials as a single ZIPped file using the Stage 1 application form by the deadline of October 1, 2021:

  • CV or resume: A current and complete CV that includes your earned educational degrees, relevant professional experience, and peer-reviewed scholarly publications and presentations (full citations). 
  • Research proposal: 500 words describing your proposed research topic. Include references to core literature on the topic; references are not included in word count. 
  • Statement of interest: 250 words explaining why you are a strong candidate for the Gateway PhD program and its research focus areas. This should not duplicate information that is contained in the CV.
  • Recommendation letter: A letter of recommendation from a professional who has knowledge of your research abilities. 
  • Transcripts (copies) for all earned degrees, with GPA indicated. Official transcripts are not needed at this stage. Do not send transcripts for courses taken if no degree was earned. 

Submissions will be reviewed by the program faculty to determine eligibility, research capacity, and strength of alignment with the research areas for which we are recruiting. Decisions on Stage 1 will be communicated to applicants by November 1st. 

Stage 2: Research Proposal and review by faculty supervisors 

Applicants who proceed to Stage 2 will submit an expanded research proposal and supporting materials, due December 1, 2021. Stage 2 materials will be shared with one or more faculty members for further determination of research aptitude and for potential alignment with faculty research areas. Decisions on Stage 2 will be communicated to applicants one month later.

Stage 3: Faculty interviews

Applicants who proceed to Stage 3 will be reviewed by the faculty members with best alignment for the research topic. Stage 3 will include further interviews (typically held virtually), and writing an extended research proposal (~2,000 words). The faculty member may request additional writing samples. We expect to conduct interviews January 15 through February 15, 2022. Decisions on Stage 3 will be communicated to applicants by the end of February 2022.

Stage 4: Finalists forwarded to Manchester Metropolitan University  

The San José State University School of Information will send the Stage 3 materials for a group of finalists to Manchester Met for consideration. Manchester Met will contact the finalists to submit further information as required, including official transcripts, TOEFL scores (if applicable), etc. The final decision to offer admission is made by Manchester Met.