PhD Fees


Fees and Tuition — Gateway PhD

Fees and tuition for the Gateway PhD program are set by and paid to Manchester Metropolitan University. Current annual tuition fees for part-time overseas/international students are posted on the Manchester Met web page under the Overseas Students drop down menu. Refer to Standard Band B. 

Gateway PhD students pay part-time fees, which are 50% of full-time fees. Fees for 2021/22 will apply for students starting in July 2022. Fees are subject to review and change. Please check current exchange rates for your currency.

Students are advised to budget for travel expenses incurred during the annual in-person research workshop held in San José, California.

San José State University does not offer scholarships or financial aid to Gateway students. In addition, although this international program does not qualify for U.S. financial aid, students may be eligible to receive a small amount of research support funds from Manchester Met once the candidature stage is reached.