1. Q. What is the difference between Regular Session and Special Session?
    A. The classes themselves are the same and are delivered totally online. The difference is based on the fees. Regular Session is state-supported and state-subsidized. Regular Session students pay campus mandatory fees and are eligible to take advantage of San José State University student services, such as Santa Clara County transit services, student body organizations, student health care, and recreational facilities. Special Session is completely funded from student tuition, and it does not receive any financial support from the State of California. Special Session tuition is assessed as a per unit fee. Students can opt to pay the same student fees as Regular Session students if they wish to access student services, such as Santa Clara County transit services, student body organizations, health care, and recreational facilities. Regular Session and Special Session students must meet the same graduation requirements (e.g., same required courses, same number of elective units, same total number of units to graduate), and they will receive the exact same diploma when they graduate.
  2. Q. Will my degree be different because I am in Special Session?
    A. No, you will have the same exact diploma as any SJSU graduate.
  3. Q. I want to change my major from ISDA to something else. How do I do that?
    A. As a student in the ISDA major, if you want another major, you will need to meet with the department you want to change to and apply to them and see if they accept you. As an applicant to ISDA, you will need to contact the Admissions department and work with them to see if they will allow you to change your intended major.
  4. Q. What is the maximum number of units I can use from community college towards my degree?
    A. You can use up to 70 units for your bachelor’s degree. The rest of the units (50 units) will need to be taken at SJSU.
  5. Q. Can I add a minor with a ISDA major?
    A. No, you can’t add a minor because minors are in Regular Session and you are in Special Session. You can’t be in both sessions at the same time.
  6. Q. Can I minor in ISDA?
    A. No, unfortunately, there is no ISDA minor.
  7. Q. How many units do I need to graduate to receive a bachelor’s degree?
    A. You will need a minimum of 120 units. Up to 70 units may be from community college and transfer credits.
  8. Q. What are the upper division electives for ISDA?
    A. The electives are graduate courses that are related to the major. The graduate course will not give you credit for your graduate degree, only for your undergraduate degree. To select an elective, please contact Dr. Frank Cervone.