Open Classes Fees


Fees — Open Classes

Fees for INFO and MARA courses in the Open Classes program are $541 per unit, and courses range from one to three units. For example:

  • The total cost for a one-unit class is $541 plus any required course materials.
  • The total cost for a two-unit class is $1,082 plus any required course materials.
  • The total cost for a three-unit class is $1,623 plus any required course materials.

Fees are subject to review and change. Fees for Informatics courses taken in Open Classes are $592 per unit.

Students are advised to budget for textbook expenses, as well as obtaining the necessary equipment to prepare their home computing environment, including monthly Internet service, so that they may begin their first semester with all materials in place.

For fall and spring sessions, fees will be due within 21 days of enrollment. Fees are due 15 days from the date of enrollment in summer session. Students will pay fees after they are enrolled in each course.

Students who pay income tax in the United States may be able to take advantage of the IRS Lifelong Learning Tax Credit, which can help reduce the amount of income taxes owed by receiving a credit for educational expenses. For more information about the IRS tax credit, please see:

The Open Classes program does not qualify for financial aid.

Methods of Payment: Please see Methods of Payment. After course registration is confirmed, students can pay fees by logging on to one.SJSU and clicking on the Self Service / Campus Finances menu option. They will not receive a bill and are responsible for checking their own account for fee due dates.

Refund Information: Registered students should check the Professional Degree Program FAQs page or phone 408-924-2670 for refund policy information. To receive a full refund, students must drop the course several days before the first day of instruction.