BSISDA Program Learning Outcomes


Program Learning Outcomes — BS in Information Science and Data Analytics

Upon completion of the BS in Information Science and Data Analytics program, students will be able to:

A. Apply information and data science concepts and methods by thinking critically and creatively to conceptualize and solve real world problems.

B. Demonstrate an understanding of the data lifecycle, including data curation and stewardship. distributed computing, and the data pipeline ecosystem.

C. Demonstrate an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility in data ownership, security, sensitivity of data, and consequences and privacy concerns of data analysis.

D. Demonstrate an ability to identify user-centric information and data needs of diverse populations and to interpret data findings effectively to diverse audiences, orally, visually, and in written formats.

E. Demonstrate an understanding of how people from diverse backgrounds and cultures interact with technology and with each other in technological contexts; and how to plan strategically for emerging technologies and the changing technological landscape.