TL Handbook Program Overview


CA Teacher Librarian Services Credential Program Overview

I am interested in getting the MLIS and the  California Teacher Librarian Services Credential – How do I do this?

  • Apply for the MLIS degree program by following the steps in our Application Process. If admitted, begin in fall or spring (no summer admission).
  • Once you are admitted and have requested and received your Canvas login, you must enroll in the Teacher Librarian Advising site (required). This site has all of the information you need and a way to contact other students and the Teacher Librarian program coordinator.
  • Follow the course recommendations as outlined on the School Librarianship career pathway page and in the Teacher Librarian Advising site.
  • Track your progress in the program using the appropriate checklist for your term of entry into the SJSU iSchool, which can be accessed on the Teacher Librarian Advising site.
  • Submit Key Assessments as outlined in the Teacher Librarian Advising site. 
  • Once all required course work is completed, compile your materials and submit them for your application to the CTC (see the Teacher Librarian Advising site for forms and process).
  • To meet the requirements to graduate with the MLIS degree, file forms for candidacy and award of master’s degree for MLIS graduation by the appropriate deadlines as detailed on the Graduation Application Process page, and complete one more elective course and either INFO 299 (Thesis) or INFO 289 (e-Portfolio).