TL Program Learning Outcomes


Program Learning Outcomes — Teacher Librarian

Upon completion of the Teacher Librarian program, students will be able to:

 A. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the role of teacher librarian as instructor.

  • Students will demonstrate a capacity to design instruction to meet standards.
  • Students demonstrate the use of multiple measures of assessment.
  • Students demonstrate the use of multiple instructional techniques for diverse student populations.

 B. Students demonstrate an understanding of 21st century literacies.

  • Students show capacity to support and promote textual literacy.
  • Students demonstrate that they can respond to diverse literacy needs of the school.
  • Students demonstrate capacity to provide resources and promote resources to support multiple literacies.

C. Students demonstrate an understanding of information organization.

  • Students demonstrate capacity to instruct and model information literacy skills, and ethical and efficient information use.
  • Students understand the principles of managing a collection based on school population.
  • Students understand and can implement policies that protect the ethical and legal access to materials for the school community.

D. Students demonstrate capacity as a program manager.

  • Students can plan for a comprehensive library program focused on student learning.
  • Students demonstrate the capacity to develop and understand polices that support the legal and ethical codes of the profession.
  • Students demonstrate a capacity to manage a budget.
  • Students demonstrate the capability of training and managing staff and volunteers.

E. Students demonstrate an understanding of the teacher librarian as a staff leader.

  • Students understand the role of teacher librarian in staff development and professional development.

F. Students demonstrate a willingness to engage in advocacy.

  • Students use research and educational policy to advocate for the library to a variety of audiences.