MLIS Tracking Your Application


Tracking Your Application

After you submit your Cal State Apply application online, you will receive instructions by email on how to retrieve your SJSU ID and password and activate your one.SJSU account. When you receive this information, you will be able to 1) log on to one.SJSU and 2) access your MySJSU account to retrieve your application status information. Your application status is located at the bottom of your MySJSU Student Center web page. Check this often! You will not be notified if there are missing documents. Instead, you will be placed in incomplete status and given a “to-do” list. Please note that when you click “more” on your to-do list, it takes you to another page where it lists all of your documents and their deadlines. If you click on the item, it takes you to another screen that lists the specific description/instructions for how send the document.

Step-by-Step Application Process

  1. Submit Application to Cal State Apply.
  2. Receive confirmation email.
  3. Receive email with SJSU ID 5-7 business days after submitting application.
  4. Set up your MySJSU account, and check for messages and document requests. All students start with an “NC-Incomplete” application status. (Students will be switched to either NCV (Incomplete Verified – the data specialist has reviewed file) or AAG (Admit by Self-Report Data), depending on if they self-report a 3.0 GPA or higher (or 2.8 for Informatics).
  5. Check your MJSJSU account for “To-Do List” items. Required documents must be submitted by stated deadlines or your admission will be withdrawn. For course work outside U.S. and Canada, request WES document-by-document evaluation. Direct application questions to:
  6. Your evaluator will begin the evaluation as soon as all your documents are received. (Your application status will change to “CO-Complete” if you have a WES evaluation in process, when all required documents are received and your WES review is pending).
  7. SJSU evaluators review your application for CSU eligibility within 7-10 business days.
  8. Your status will change to “RF-Referred to Dept.” if your application documents contain narrative evaluations.
  9. Graduate Admissions (GAPE) will post the university admission decision to your MySJSU account. If you do not meet eligibility, your application will be denied. GAPE will also mail an admissions letter to accepted students through the US Post Office. In addition, a copy of the letter will be available through the university’s Next Steps Portal. Make sure your mailing address is correct in your MySJSU account. If you are not admitted, you can appeal by following instructions in your MySJSU account.

    Accepted Students: will receive an emailed iSchool admissions welcome letter and also an iSchool Next Steps/New Student Checklist communication. (Check the SPAM folder of the email address used on the Cal State Apply application). Contact iSchool Student Services with accepted-student questions.