BSISDA Advising


Advising — BS in Information Science and Data Analytics

The university’s Student Outreach and Recruitment office is available on Live Chat or via Zoom to assist with questions about San José State University and its programs, as well as the admissions process. For advising information, students can contact Rima Nemali. Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor Souvick Ghosh is also available online to consult with any student regarding content questions related to course selection and career path.

Take Note

  • The BSISDA runs only in Special Session (completely online).
  • Fees are $450 a unit.
  • All advising is conducted online.
  • Students are not eligible for campus services apart from the library.
  • Attending orientation after admission to the program is recommended.
  • Students may be eligible for financial aid.

Already Attending San José State University?

Students already attending the university who wish to complete their bachelor’s degree by majoring in Information Science and Data Analytics can change from Regular Session to Special Session by completing this form. However, it is important to read the information on the request form carefully and note:

  • Fees are $450 a unit in Special Session.
  • Students in Special Session are eligible for federal financial aid (Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loans). Special Session students are NOT eligible for state financial aid (State University Grant, Cal Grant, EOP, Middle Class Scholarship).
  • Students in Special Session are no longer able to use campus services (apart from the library).

Mark Your Calendar

  • Pre-Advising: May 11 and May 14
  • Orientation: June 15 and June 18

More information about these sessions will be posted as the dates near.