Informatics Program Performance


Informatics Program Performance

Program Based Assessment

2019-2020 Program Assessment Plans and Results

Student Exit Survey Data

We survey our graduating students as they complete the MS in Informatics (INFM) program. The information below is from our most recent exit survey, presenting the responses we received from INFM students (n=3) who completed the program in spring 2021.

Key survey findings include the following:

  • 100% of the survey respondents completed the INFM program within two years.
  • 100% of the survey respondents said their overall education experience in the INFM program was Good.
  • 100% of the survey respondents said they would recommend the INFM program to others.

The survey also provided insight regarding the employment trends of our recent INFM graduates, such as:

  • One of the three survey respondents was employed during the INFM program as a product manager in business/industry. 

The survey also provided insight regarding the INFM program’s top strengths and student support services, including:

  • The top strengths of the INFM program are its Flexibility, Diversity of Students and Faculty, and Online Learning Environment.
  • 100% of the survey respondents used the technology support, career support, and Student Services support provided during their program.
  • 100% of the survey respondents who sought help said the course planning support from their Academic Advisor was Very Good and Good.

Survey results also provide insight regarding INFM student demographics, including the following:

  • Survey respondents lived in California. 
  • 67% of the survey respondents stated that they were first generation graduate students.

Students reflected on their reasons for recommending the MS in Informatics program:

  • “SJSU is well-positioned for networking.”
  • “The program is affordable and has a great ROI.”

Alumni Placement Data

The purpose of the INFM alumni survey is to track employment trends, ensure that our curriculum remains relevant, and help us anticipate shifts in the job market.

Our first-ever survey was sent in June 2021 to graduates who completed the INFM program during calendar year 2020. We received a total of 6 responses to our survey. The responses may be rounded.

We are pleased to share the following data regarding our alumni:

  • 100% of alumni responding to the survey are currently employed, with 67% working in an informatics role and/or related capacity and 33% working outside the informatics profession.
  • Of the 67% (four respondents) who are employed in the informatics profession, they are working for a health organization, a manufacturing company, and educational institutions/higher education in California. Their job titles include Clinical Informaticist, Information Management Systems Analyst, Educational Technology Specialist, and IT Consultant.
  • After graduation, 100% remained with an employer or position they held while attending the INFM program, and they indicated that receiving the master’s degree advanced their careers. For example, they were promoted, received a salary increase, or moved from a support staff to professional staff position. The reported gross salary ranged from $63,960 to $118,000.
  • Survey respondents listed the following experiences as the most helpful in obtaining their jobs: technological skills, previous employment experience, INFM 211 Organizational Consulting Project, and learning to work collaboratively with people in an online environment.
  • The survey respondents believe that the skills and knowledge they learned in the INFM program prepared them for their jobs.

We invite you to watch a video featuring 2020 alumnus Marco Oliver Lopez, who takes us to work at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.