MARA 289 Privacy and Confidentiality


Privacy and Confidentiality — MARA 289

You are required to keep your e-Portfolio password-protected or private and thus respect the privacy of students, institutions, and employers.

Following the Permissions directions for the Canvas e-Portfolio protects the privacy of any content in that publication. Only the author and any person the author may send the e-Portfolio URL to (such as the e-Portfolio advisor) will have access to the content.

E-Portfolios that are built as external websites or on blogs or on any platform other than a properly permitted Canvas e-Portfolio are web searchable UNLESS they are password-protected. If you use a non-Canvas platform you must secure the content behind a password. This includes Portfolium when used for your e-Portfolio (You can set the content to private and share a secure link with your e-Portfolio advisor).

To summarize: as long as the e-Portfolio is in Canvas and the proper permissions are on, the contents remain private and not web-searchable. If the e-Portfolio is NOT in Canvas and properly protected, then it needs to be password-protected or in the case of Portfolium set to private.

A password-protected e-Portfolio or a “private” Canvas e-Portfolio or a “private” Portfolium can be viewed by those individuals you choose to allow to view.  There is no problem with sending the URL to your e-portfolio advisor. But if you choose, for example, to make the contents of your e-Portfolio available to certain individuals as part of your job search you will need to remove the names of students, institutions, and employers before doing so.

IMPORTANT: After you successfully complete MARA 289 if you wish to make your e-Portfolio public you must remove the names of students, institutions, and employers and make sure they are not identifiable in your e-Portfolio.